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A/G Winterizing Tips

Posted by Brad Morris on January 13, 2015 at 2:10 PM

Winterizing your swimming pool can be a long process. It may be easy to skip steps or assume that certain aspects of the procedure are less necessary than others. Just as important as doing everything the way it should be done is making sure that you use the correct equipment.

Many swimming pool owners will try and cut corners (and avoid a few extra steps) by using cinder blocks, bricks, boards, or coffee cans filled with pebbles (seriously) to hold down their winter pool covers. While these may be the right weight to keep covers from blowing off in any impending windstorms, they can also be hazardous. If anyone were to fall into the pool, it would bring those heavy objects in from the edges of the pool, causing harm to the person falling in or puncturing the pool liner. If you’re using pool water bags, if someone fell in the pool when it is covered, the water bags won’t sink and will give them a greater chance of making it out.

Using Water Bags

Inappropriate objects that people use to hold down their covers usually have sharp corners that create tears in pool covers over the course of a season. Your best option for keeping your cover on and not causing undue damage in the process is to purchasing swimming pool water bags. Not only do they work well

by keeping your cover in place, but they aren’t hard on the cover itself, and are by far the safest option you have as a pool owner.

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