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Morris Pool Services





Opening Your Pool

Posted by Brad Morris on March 11, 2015 at 11:10 AM

Did you wonder this year what it will take to open your pool? First did you have it covered over the winter?  Did you have it cleaned before it was winterized or did you cover with lots of leaves in it? Is your pool an inground pool and starting to have alot of staining issues on the ganite? These are some very important questions that we can assit you with,. If you had your pool cleaned and covered during your winterization you probably are just going to need a regular cleaning when you open it, This is done with a commercial pump and vaccumed out then chemicals are added to open it. If you just purchached the home and there was no cover on the pool and there is alot of debris and mystery things in the pool this may take an extremem clean. This means lots of labor to clean and get the debris out then we need to vaccume and add extra chemicals to get the pool back to a crystal clear state. The inground ganite pool that needs to have the stains removed may require to have an acid wash cleaning. This is a little more time consuming and labor intensive procedure but will have amazing results for you. This can make that old dirty stained pool come back to add many more glorious years to it's life. 

So what kind of cleaning will your pool need??

Give us a call to schedule your cleaning and opening today! Morris Pool Service 816-807-1570

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