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Morris Pool Services



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Web Store

Pool Opening, chemicals included up to 5 lb shock


Pool Opening

$450 includes chemicals


*Additional $75.00 for us to pump water and clear debris from your cover. This process can take a while and we may have to leave while this happens.


Cleaning the cover is not included in the opening cost. If you have a mesh safety cover, we will allow it to dry and fold it before leaving. If you have a solid safety cover or water bag style cover, we will leave your cover our for you to clean it later. If you do not want to clean it, we will fold it before we leave.


Opening Includes:

• Installation of handrails and ladders.

• Removal of winter plugs and installation of return jets.

• Assemble and start up of equipment.

• Inspection of pump, filter, heater, and any other equipment for proper operation.

• Vacuum to waste to remove any debris from the pool lines.

• Brush walls and floor.

• Add up to 2 lbs. of shock,  Buy season supply of shock to keep your pool sparkling clear

• Optional-Cleaning of D.E. or Cartridge filters and Pool Cleaning is extra charge

*This price includes trip charges and labor for 1 hour. Additional labor rate is $100 per hour for anything after that.

Things to Remember:

• Electric must be on at the equipment pad

Pool needs to be filled to the top of the skimmer prior to our arrival.

• We accept Visa, Master Card.

• 24-48 Hours after pool opening is performed water will be clear

• If equipment needs servicing, an appointment will be made as soon as possible. NO repairs will be made during pool opening. Please contact Brad at 816-807-1570 or at [email protected] for more information.



Please make a note on your authorization form if you would like us to bring any of these additional supplies when opening your pool.

• 25 lb. Bucket of 3” Tabs

• 40 lb. Bucket of 3” Tabs

• 25 lb. Bucket of 1” Tabs

• Case of Muriatic Acid (4)

• 20 lb. Bucket of Dry Shock

• 50 lb. Bucket of Dry Shock

• 100 lb. Bucket of super shock

• 40 lb. Bag of Salt

• 16 lb. Bucket of Ph Increaser

• 50 lb. Bucket of Ph Increase

• 25 lb. Bucket of Alkalinity Up

• 50 lb. Bucket of Alkalinity Up

• 6 lb. Bucket of Stabilizer

• Quart of Salt Cell Cleaner


To be placed on the schedule, you must complete the form below. For any questions, contact [email protected]


You must call with your info ,Thanks 816-807-1570

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